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February 2013 W4

And so the new year has come and gone. We are still finding some bits and pieces here and there - but things are drying up somewhat. Who knows - maybe ther will be a run on spares soon. After a search of 18 months for original hubcaps we have come across 3 NOS sets. Soon to be listed. We are also now finding a lot of small interior tidbits that are interesting. Keep checking back - there's alwas something happening !


We have moved this section to Facebook ! - you do not need an account to see the updates. Just click on the link above.


February 2013 W1

With the rise of Social media we thought it would be high time to jump onto Facebook! Hopefully we can reach out to more passionate owners with helpful info and interesting facts.


December 2012 W4

Well, that time of the year is upon us - families are frantically getting things organised and what not. We're looking forward to just relaxing in the yard and having a drink or two. As Such we'll be on the 'go slow' and workign on our own Alfa projects before heading back to work! Besides, suppliers are on holidays - so there's not much to find. Keep checking back as we've got some pretty cool individual items - you might miss out on soemthign you're not likley to see again like the recent Duetto heart that lasted a nanosecond before being snapped up.

Best wishes for you and your family over the break - enjoy the season for what it is - family time. Thanks for a great year, and remember - repros suck.


December 2012 W1

December is here therefore the postal services around the western world will be in full swing delivering socks and jocks - we however will by default choose not to ship anything between December 15 and Jan 15 - why ? Because last year the postal service lost one parcel - it was a small one (registered) with a NOS Carello indicator - but good luck getting compensation for a lost NOS item and replacing it is not a simple task. So I don't want the headache.

Therefore if you want something you have 2 weeks - then we will accept orders and hold the stock until mid Jan uary when we will ship them. I trust you understand - patience can really assist here. Local Pickup is fine - and if you really want me to ship the item regardless then I will - but it's on you if it's lost.


November 2012 W4

December's here! - Fortunately that means good weather down under. Parts arriving of late have been along the lines of badges, lenses/lighting, grill pieces and the like. I also sent out a survey to see what people out there think. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. At the end of the day I source parts for myself and whtever I find I bring in for others. Lot of Giulia Sedan parts are now available. GT parts are getting harder and harder to come by.

November 2012 W1&W2

We're almost at Xmas ! - Its the small things that can make or break your restoration. So, based on the fact that shipping at the moment is an absolutely crazy expense (both to me and to you) I am focussing on smaller parts - the parts that customers really need but are hard to find or break so regularly that they are in high demand. I've sourced some more interior Giulia Super door switches as the others walked out the door within the week and I've got some with hooks. I've also amassed a large inventory of courtesy lights for GT and Super in various colours. I'm getting 2600 parts in as well which is a first. I feel these cars will really start picking up in value given their relative rarity and high base values. Few Giulia Super C-Pillar badge housings are also coming through.


October 2012 - W4

So arrivals have been plentiful this week - so much that I've filled my bins and my neighbours with packing material alone!

1750 GT NOS scripts, badges, lenses, tail lights bumpers, gaskets and so forth.Ordered in a few more odds and ends including a NOS Carello stepnose front indicator lense - the first one I have ever seen!

We're really looking forwards to the local Spettacolo and Motor Classica events - should be a good turn out!


October 2012 - W3

A lot more random items (multiple model designations) have been ordered so we'll wait till they arrive and pop them up on the New Products sidebar - a bit more focus has gone into the 66GTV as well. Hopefully now with the weather warming up we can get some more progress such as blasting the shell! - I think the variety of parts is now reaching critical mass - and things are being snapped up rather quickly so I'll keep ordering random items rather than focus on anything in particular - that being said this stuff doesn't grow on trees - so it's a little sporadic anyway.


October 2012 - W2

Another week, another lot of deliveries. NOS 105 Gauges, NOS courtesy light/grab handles for Giulia Supers and another load of items ordered. On their way are NOS 1750 bootlid scripts amongst a pile of other goodies. Keep checking out the New Products menu on the right side of our page!


October 2012 - W1

And then there was love. Well the arrivals have been thick and fast - one or more packages a day - most for my car and some for here. Duetto 'tear drop' guard indicators are a lot smaller than I anticipated, Giuia Super courtesy lights/grab handles as well as some stepnose GT ashtray assemblies, early Carello cursive script headlights, rear vision mirrors and then some. It's taken 3 days to unpack, clean and sort everything so keep an eye out for the latest arrivals! - there's a lot more coming too with new suppliers located.

We are also starting a Repro V OEM section as a resource on knowing what you're buying.


September 2012 - W3

Well, I didn't even get to list some of the bit's I received - my offline e-mail list got wind of the items and snapped them up. I have ordered in some Carello GT lights - NOS of course and some lenses for Giulia Supers, other misc random stuff coming through as well such as perhaps some more GTV6 handles and stepnose & general GT items. It's been VERY quiet out there in NOS land, I hope that stuff isn't drying up as I've got a few things left to buy for my own resto!

September 2012 - W1

Well, fathers day is as good a day as any to rummage. I've found a few things that I had stashed and not listed. Including some Giulia Super door latches amongst other things. I've also located a handful of NOS GTV6 sunroof handle surrounds - no handles though. These are being air freighted asap. More arriving this week including some ultra rare GT 1750 items.


August 2012 - W4

We're back from holidays and have found a good amount of stock piled at the door.

Bumpers and grilles.

We've got some NOS Stepnose stainless bumpers arrived and some more on order. Some GTV grilles have also come in and will be dusted off and posted in the store.

As with some selected parts/special orders; we secured some GTV 2 litre RHD headlights as well as some GTV6 sunroof handles which sold as quickly as they arrived. If you need anything for your Alfa we might already have it unlisted OR know where to get it.


July > August 25th


As with all of you, we too like go on holidays. We're not a shop so we can afford to close whenever we feel like it, In saying that we feel like it now..

November 2012 W1&W2


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