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As we are all more than aware, these cars are now over 50 years old so it's expected that certain parts are NLA (No Longer Available). So what can we do about it? Well, New Old Stock items are not easy to locate and as each day goes by there are less and less available on the market – most are getting put onto our cars!

The purpose of this blog is to outline the aesthetic, operational and dimensional differences between the original products these cars were delivered with (OEM) and the currently available reproductions. I will only report on items that I have either seen myself in person, viewed via high resolution photographs or have physically purchased.

I will not be naming the sellers as I feel this would be doing the wrong thing by those who are merely trying to bring these products to market.

We should be somewhat thankful that manufacturers are making these reproduction/replica items however it is important to note that what is on offer may or may not necessarily suit your requirements – so a 'buyer beware' situation has arisen where there are differing quality reproductions. There is also the potential that sellers might unknowingly be selling repro items as originals.

Some owners may not care whether it's original or not; as long as it does the job. That being said, for those that are keen to keep the originality of their cars it is important to be aware of what you’re purchasing.

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Giulia Sprint GT bootlid badge

The bootlid badge along with most all other repro badges are now laser cut and then chromed. The chromework looks thinly applied and not of great quality. This gives them a rather hard edged flat look which is easily noticeable when compared to an original. Originals also have 5 poles/mount pins - these are unthreaded. We have physically seen 2 different reproduction types.

Interior Courtesy light/grab handle lens

Original colour is an off white and the mounintg nib is a complex shape. The hole is also carefully countersunk so as to accomodate the screw. For the later sedan type with a small mesh window there are no repros yet.

Stepnose front indicator lens

Originals are quite detailed when you look at them carefully; from the stippled plastic internal pattern to the lettering itself. There is a reflective sticker that sits on the bridging beam inside the top half of the indicator. Even the sealing gasket has the brand and part number printed on it. The repros we have seen are also 2mm smaller in overall size.

More info soon to come on:

  • Stepnose front guard indicator lense and bezel
  • C Pillar Badges - Green and Gold
  • Disegno di Bertone front guard badge
  • Rear window Latches
  • Stepnose Headlights
  • GT Tail light lenses
  • Veloce Badges
  • GT Door seals
  • Giulia TI Tail Light lenses
  • GT B Pillar Door seals
  • Stepnose Early steering column cover
  • GT Centre Heart
  • AR Milano centre grill circular badge
  • Stepnose Headlight surround trim
  • GT Exterior door handles




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