The rarity of these items and the fact we have no retail shop front might bring about some questions.

Let us assure you that these items are real and we have a professional approach to what we do. Here is a few Q&A that might help.


1. Where do you get these parts from?

We find these parts all over the world - there is no one warehouse or supplier with all these items. There might be someone who has hoarded all their spares after owning a workshop/warehouse or perhaps a failed project that is now up for sale with spares included. We find these parts after hours of searching and many phone calls - once we find the items we get them shipped to us and then to you.


2. Are these items really new old stock or repros?

As you can appreciate there are always going to be reproduction items made for items that are either NLA (no longer available) or just hard to find items.

The items we have online are clearly marked as New Old Stock (NOS) or REPRO. We ensure that all NOS items are in fact original items and the images shown are the same as what we will ship to you. If it's in the Reproduction section - then yes - it's a repro.

If you have seen some of the reproduction items quality you will easily know what the difference is and appreciate when our items fit perfectly without 'massaging'.


3. How do I know you won't take my money disappear into the ether and not ship me what I ordered ?

Well, this is where a certain level of trust comes into play - yes trust over the Internet is a little bit of a dubious subject matter.

1. We are registered and certified with PayPal (they have our details).

2. When you wish to EFT us funds we will provide you with our local Aussie bank details - so we can be tracked down!

3. It makes no sense really to do the wrong thing - that's a dead end street for anyone selling something.

4. We do not want your Credit card details or Bank details - we are not out to scam or provide your info to anyone else.

5. We are involved with the Alfa Romeo community and known to members of the Alfa Romeo Club


4. What is the ordering process?

1. If you find something listed that you would like to order you can click on 'add to cart'.

2. Once you're ready to order and pay we require you to sign up with us - this will only provide us with your name, delivery address and email address. We then know who you are and where we need to deliver your items.

3. Once you check out we will then send you an email with your order and ask you how you wish to pay.

4. You make the payment via EFT or PayPal and once the payment clears we will ship the item to you via the agreed carrier (postage) method. If an arrangement to collect is organise then COD.


5. What is your returns and refund policy?

Our returns policy is simple.

Our items are marked clearly with photos and part numbers showing the item you will receive - Returns and Refunds will be accepted ONLY where we have shipped either an incorrect shipped part or a part that was advertised incorrectly i.e. the listed item does not match the vehicle it was sold for.

If you receive an item that is not the same as what was ordered (as shown online) we will gladly accept the item back and pay for the shipping as well - this would be our error; so we see no reason for you to have to wear our mistake.

In short - please ensure what you order and pay for is what you require.



6. Can I collect the item from you or can you deliver?

Yes, we can ship anywhere globally at your cost.

We offer 'pickup' services only by arrangement.


7. Why are you not selling all these items on ebay or similar?

Ebay is a great tool to sell items. It unfortunately has many drawbacks such as high fee's for listing, selling and then charges to receive funds. It also has some buyers not following the required terms and conditions then leaving negative feedback which can destroy one's online perception of trust. For this reason we are not looking at high volume sales nor filling ebay's pockets and we can do without the less than savoury 'bad buyer' experience.


8. What are your shipping terms?

Please see our shipping terms by clicking here.


9. What other terms do you have?

You need to read our plain English terms and conditions here before you order.


10. Do you provide an invoice or receipt?

No, we are not a business. This is a private listing website - similar to ebay or trading post private sales.


11. Do all your items come in sealed Alfa Romeo bags or boxes?

As much as we ourselves love the little red paper and black logo items they are not all found like this. Some items come in sealed bags or boxes and some have no bags or boxes. Whatever is shown in the listing however is the actual part - bag or no bag.


12. Why do you charge handling fees?

Well, we have to organise wrapping, boxes as well as post your items at the post office. Our charges are not high nor designed to make us rich; they are only to cover materials and a little time.


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